Thursday, 9 July 2015

New purchase...

               Jules Leather Drawstring Crossbody

I've been looking for a bag like this for ages, they're really trendy now and then look so comfy. I'ts my kind of bag so when I saw it in Michael Kors boutique on sale, I had to get get it, it't just so beautiful and black, black bags are hardly ever on sale. I was looking at other bags but all the other ones are so expensive and I'm not willing to just go and splash out some money on a bag, I would probably do that on shoes but not really bags. Anyway I bet you guys probably think I'm just rambling on so I'll stop. Hope everyone is having a nice week so far!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

10 Amazing beach bags must haves...

So it's summer time and a lot of people will be going to the beach abroad or in your own country, but when you go to the beach you still always want to be stylish. So I decided to choose 10 best beach bags which you can also always use as shopping bags or just going out shopping or whatever. You never really want your bag to just be for one occasion, well some people do but I know I don't. So I decided to browse around and chose the best 10. 
Remember when you click on the image it will direct you straight to the website so you can look at it there or buy it.

Topshop - £28

Vans - £24

Vans - £40

Warehouse - £30

Oasis - £22

Asos - £20

Lucluc - £15.38

River Island - £37

Aldo - £40

Boohoo - £12

Monday, 29 June 2015

Pia Mia - Do It Again

Boots - Topshop/ Shorts & Top - Primark/ Jacket - H&M/ Bag - Urban Outfitters 

Best celebrity looks from Glastonbury...

Glastonbury 2015 might have finished last night but the festival season still isn't over yet. A mix of sunny and rainy days, well it wouldn't be Glastonbury without the weather, brought in a lot of different styles although hunter wellies still were the main footwear. From Alexa Chung shimmering silver mini dress, to Daisy Lowe's ridiculously covetable jumpsuit collection, I've looked through instagram and internet  for the best celebrity looks. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

The perfect bikini for summer...

So summer is here, a lot of people are going on holidays around now or maybe a bit later but wherever you're going you always need a nice fashionable bikini. It doesn't matter if you're just going to use it for swimming pool or to the beach if you've worked hard you always deserve to enjoy some time near the water. I'll show you my favourites bikinis this season, I'm sure everyone will find something they're looking for! (Just click on the image and it will direct you straight to the website, just for you guys to make it easier)

MISBHV - £65.42

LUCLUC - £10.70

ASOS - £28

LUCLUC - £12.71

MISBHV - £65.42


BOOHOO - £20

BOOHOO - £18


NASTY GAL - £62.31

BOOHOO - £18

ASOS - £45

ASOS - £50