Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Nelly - Hey Porsche

All Primark/ Bag - Stella McCartney/ Shoes - Adidas/ Hat - River Island

It's summer guys finally, so its all nice and warm outside! So it's time for short sleeved tops and time to leave all the coats in your wardrobe. This is an all primark outfit, I literally had to get those trousers, I was looking for them for ages and I finally found the ones that looked best on me. The top is also pimark but its actually really good quality, it reminded me of an american apparel top. Because I work part time in primark, when I spot some really good stuff I just have to get it and recently their clothes are so nice and affordable of course. I always think as long as you got a nice bag and shoes, the clothes don't really matter where they from. I prefer to get designer bags to be honest with you guys because that's what completes the whole outfit. Anyway how has everyone been? I promise I'll do more blog posts now that I'm free off uni now. Also check out my instagram
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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Instagram Mix...

So I've been so busy with my uni deadlines lately, but now I'm finally finished now so now I can just focus on my blog. I promise I'll start doing look posts again guys, but for now I'll do an instagram 
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Saturday, 11 April 2015


You can check out more on my tumblr where I basically post all of my inspirations and where I mostly get them from.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Adidas x Nike

Jacket & Leggings - Adidas/ Shoes - Nike Air Force 1/ Crop Top - Bjorn Borg 

So because it's getting warmer and nicer outside again I decided I need to lose this winter flab and start jogging therefore that's why I'm all sporty. I probably feel like every other girl who just wants a nice summer body but I've a weeding in summer as well so I really do want to look good and because I haven't started gym yet I decided to do jogging which apparently isn't that goof for you actually so need to look into that a bit more, but I want to start wearing crop tops in summer I love them so I just need a flat stomach and I eat too much crappy food to have a flat stomach just like that. So I had two options really, either do some sort of exercise or just not eat so I went with the harder option for me which is exercising.